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You’re looking for the best dog training in Miami, right? With over 35 years of combined dog training in Miami we have the ability to bring you the finest in what dog training has to offer. We specialize in training dogs with no treats, no clickers and no special collars. Our Miami dog training team’s goal to get you the best dog owning experience you’ve ever had. Our clients once finished with our training refer us to their friends and family so that they too can have that amazing dog everyone wants! Call us today and tomorrow you’ll be thanking us!



Smart Start Puppies was very helpful and a really cool company to work with. Yoyo is not jumping on people anymore and is responding to our commands much better. Thanks again guys!

., Miami Lakes, FL

The trainers came to our home and immediately we saw a different dog, something that made us make that decision right there.

., Kendall, FL

Wow, what a difference in what we were doing with PetSmart to what they were coaching. We loved the way they use no treats and that for us was a plus. We now can enjoy our dog anywhere and go anywhere.

., Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Don’t even think about doing any other dog training in Miami if it’s not with them. Their methods really work but it took dedication from our part, he’s trained though! Thanks Tony!

., North Miami, FL

Kate and Vinnie decided they wanted the best training possible for their new pup. In comes Khloe! After a puppy bootcamp session and consultation with the owners, Khloe is behaving very well and is very advanced for her age. There is no replacement to proper puppy training!

The Robbinsons adopted their dog and were at their witts end with their new edition to the family. He was jumping on counter tops, taking food from the table and even ran out the door. They called us as their last resort and boy what a change. As you see in this video they were happy with our training and continue to do scheduled classes with us with our subscription monthly training classes. Call us today and you too will live happy with your dog!

Ray and his family now live an amazing life with their pitbul Kobe. Boy was he a handful when we were first called out to Ray’s home. Kobe was a ball of energy, jumping on guests, not paying attention to any commands and having accidents in their home. However, a few classes into the program and we had now had a great family dog that was obeying and able to live with them in their home without any stress. Great job Ray!

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