Testimonials from Our Clients

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Kate & Vinny from Fort Lauderdale say...
"I recommend it to anyone. If you're a first time dog owner, or if you've owned many before, if you want your dog trained the right way, Smart Start is the way to go!"
John W. from South Florida says...
"Thank you guys, you did a great job with the dog. He's so much better than when I got him. I really appreciate your help, and hopefully we get to work together again."
Amy & Vanessa from Miami say...
"We have been with Smart Start Puppies for 3 weeks now, and have seen a great improvement. I highly recommend them!"
Video Testimonials from Our Clients
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  • Orian & Robert
    "Hi, my name is Robert, I choose Smart Start Puppies Dog Training because of the compassion I noticed Tony had for training dogs. I also took into consideration the portfolio of happy customers they had. When I came to see the training facility that my dog was going to be staying at I was very impressed and committed to training my dog."
    Orian & Robert say...
  • Zeus and Human
    "In only 2 weeks they have given me amazing results with impressive improvements. Before Tony from Smart Start puppies came out here he was nipping, jumping and not listening. Today only 2 weeks later he is now coming when I call him and no nipping anymore and he is listening a lot more, Thank you!"
    Zeus' & Human said...
  • Bob and Amy
    "We’ve been now with Smart Start Puppies for 5 weeks now and before that he was crazy….Now he can sit on command. The very first day that they came out the second that they walked through the door and put the leash on our dog our dog listened immediately, sat in his cage and listen to everything that they asked of our dog. Thank you."
    Bob & Amy say...
  • Bella and Human
    "We want to thank Smart Start Puppies for their helping training our dog. It's only been 2 weeks, and we have already seen a lot of progress with our little dog Bella. Shes doing great and we look forward to the next few weeks of her training program!"
    Bella's Humans said...
  • John S.
    "Thank you Smart Start Puppies you got my dog on point...from crazy and all over the place to completely on the ball. This is a completely changed dog. Thank you so much Smart Start Puppies."
    John S. & says...
  • The Bramsons
    "We are the Bramsoms, and we are very happy with our dog training. She has come along way in the time she has been in training. She has learned sit, stay, come and other commands. She has become a civilized dog and we are very happy to have adopted her!"
    Mrs. Bramson said...