Our Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee on Every Dog Training Package

Every training program we sell comes with a lifetime support guarantee. Unlike most trainers who only offer a short guarantee, we are positive our results will last a lifetime. If you train your dog with us, and you have any issues at all in the future, we are there for you!

Different packages come with different levels of support....

Phone + Email Support: All of our training packages come with free phone / email support for the lifetime of the dog. If you have any questions about old or new behaviors, let us know. We will be glad to discuss a solution and implementation with you!

LifetimeTraining Guarantee : Our premium packages come with a full Lifetime Training Guarantee. If your dogs behaviors regresses, or new negative behaviors begin, let us know. We will evaluate the situation and determine rather refresher classes at home are the best bet, or if the dog needs a visit to the facility.

We are proud of the results we deliver and stand behind our service 100%. We guarantee training on the dog, that's what we do best... humans on the other hand (no guarantee there!). Come experience the Smart Start Puppies difference today!