Puppy Boot Camps

So you just bought or rescued a puppy and you’re thinking you might need a little help. Is your puppy having accidents in your home? How about chewing your shoes or furniture? Well, not to worry. We’re here to help with this and any other issues that you might have at hand.

We specialize in training puppies/dogs with NO TREATS, NO CLICKERS OR NO E-COLLARS. A good dog trainer will never need any of these tools. If you train your dog with any of the above mentioned what happens the day you decide to take your dog with you and you need him to sit and stay but you ran out of treats or you left your clicker at home? You guessed it; your dog will look at you as if you’re crazy because you don’t have these tools. Our methods use only:

  • Positive re-enforcement
  • Tone Inflections
  • Body Language
  • Hand signals

In this puppy boot camp we specialize in creating an open line of communication between us and the dog. However, there are some requirements:

  2. Up To Date On All Shoots And Vaccines (with proof)
  3. Puppy Must Recognize Name
  4. Flea And Tick Prevention Must Have Been Applied

During your puppies stay at our training facility you as the owner have access to our facility at any time, not like other facilities that DO NOT ALLOW VISITS. We do NOT require for you to call ahead of time to announce your visit as some of the other facilities. Your puppy will NOT be in a cage, they will have their own room (bungalow). Commands include:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Heel
  • Come
  • Bed
  • Housebreaking
  • Any behavior issue that might be happening

So, let us help you create that VALUABLE peace of mind that you want. Let us help you leave your home without the worry of what might happen when you get back home. Don’t let yourself say “NO” to something SO valuable as to that peace of mind. We’re here to help, call us TODAY to speak to one of our professional dog trainers.

CALL RIGHT NOW at 954-479-1108 to set up an in-home consultation for you and your dog(s). You’ll also learn how our 100% FREE lifetime guarantee assures you results that last for life!