Service Dog Training

Do you need to have your dog around you at all time? Does your dog provide support for you? If you answered yes to any of the questions, we can help! Our service dog training allows you to control you dog in any situations necessary. Whether you are traveling and passing through TSA, whether you riding a bus or weather you need help during any social situation, we can help!

Dogs need to be qualified by our head dog trainers to enter our program. However, if you’ve just started looking for puppy, we can help in the selection process so that the correct dog is chosen.

Our dog trainers are here to coach the handler and train the dog. We DO NOT USE, TREATS, CLICKER AND OR SPECIAL COLLARS. Our methods of training are all through positive re-enforcement (praise and tone inflections). Here are some of the daily tasks we can help perform:

  • Dogs for help with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
  • Location of object
  • Opening and closing draws/door/etc
  • Pulling on command
  • Finding Scents
  • Many More

Basic obedience with us is a prerequisite for this package or you can show us what you know and we can decide. Our service dog training package is for 3 weeks at our training facility. While at our facility owners and families are allowed to visit at any time, no phone call is required for visitation. While at our facility your dog will learn basic commands and those commands that will be taught for any of the daily tasks related to you dogs service training. Following the 3 weeks of training, we then continue to come to your home once a week for 10 weeks. This is done to now coach the handler on what the dog has learned.

Requirements are:

  • Dog needs to have passed our basic obedience course
  • Correct dog is needed. Temperament test has to be passed and dog must not be fearful of objects and noises.
  • All basic commands need to be performed in a correct and flawless manner
  • Up to date with vaccines

When working with a service dog, commands need to be punctual and obeyed. We know it’s important for you to have that service companion but we also know emotions in this type or “working” dog can’t play a role. Service dogs are here to assist us and counsel us through our disabilities and we’re sure you’d like to go this route to achieve your goals, right? Call us today to speak to one of our professional dog trainers today at 954-479-1108.

Upon completion of coarse dog and handler receive:

  • ID badge with the picture of the human and name of human
  • Disability for which your dog is a service dog.
  • Service dog receives a custom fit service dog jacket with 2 “please don’t pet badges/working dog badges”
  • ID badge with the picture of the dog and name of dog
  • ID badge stating the service the dog is providing.

If you’re looking for that great service dog that will help you through your daily activities, if you’re looking for that amazing companion and you really don’t want to wait these long waiting lists, we’re here to help. We’ll work with you any way we can. Call us today and start your training: 954-479-1108.

CALL RIGHT NOW at 954-479-1108 to set up an in-home consultation for you and your dog(s). You’ll also learn how our 100% FREE lifetime guarantee assures you results that last for life!