Doggie Boot Camp

Advanced Dog Training and Obedience Solutions

About this Training Program
Our Doggie Boot Camp program is our most effective dog training for adult dogs (1+). This program was created to get immediate positive results out of your dogs behavior. This program allows you to have the dog that is well-behaved and understands basic commands at the owners discretion at all times. Just like humans, dogs learn through consistency and repetition. This program gets your dog involved in daily training sessions, plus socialization in controlled environments (depending on dog temperament). Your dog will be handled by multiple handlers so that anyone understanding how to communicate with your dog will be able to give commands to your dog. This program is 14 days and 13 nights plus an additional 5 weeks of private in-home one-on-one dog training. This is our best program and we guarantee you will get the dog you’ve always wanted. Owning a dog should be fun, we make sure you and your dog have fun!
Program Features
  • Great for Dogs Who Are Over 1 Year Old. There Is No Age Limit!
  • 14 Days & 13 Nights of Private Training Lessons + Boarding at our Exclusive Facility.
  • 5 Weeks of Private, In-Home Training Classes. 1 Class Per Week, Flexible Scheduling.
  • We Teach All of the Basic Training Commands, plus Advanced Training Skills.
  • Address Specific Behavioral Issues like Barking, Jumping, Pulling, Digging and More.
  • Open Door Policy. Come See Your Dog at Our Facility Anytime You Want!
  • Lifetime Training Guarantee. Need a Refresher Class? Not a Problem!
Important, Please Read!
Many training companies use clickers, treats, cages and shock collars to "get the job done". None of these are necessary and some can even be dangerous to your pup. Imagine needing a treat or clicker when you want your dog to listen.  No good.

We train only using humane methods like tone inflections, positive reinforcement and repetition. These methods are the safe way to achieving lifelong dog training results.
  • We never use treats, clickers or shock collars to train.
  • We only use safe, proven and humane methods of training.
  • We train both sides of the leash. We teach you tips for success.
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Recent Program Graduates
These Pups have Recently Graduated this Course. Is Your Dog Next?
Angel - Graduate
Angel, Labrador
These people were ready to give up and give Angel away. They pleaded with us to find a solution to his antics. After an intense boot camp program, Angel is well on his way to being a lifelong companion for this family.
Jameson - Graduate
Jameson, Bulldog Mix
We helped our local rescue shelter get this guy back in line. Jamesons' excessive barking and cowering are a thing of the past. His "bruteness" is also getting much better. This guy is going to be pleasure for someone to own.
Princess - Graduate
Princess, Poodle
Princess started off in our basic in-home program, but her owners wanted more out of her. After our boot camp, she is the best dog on the block. Her owners are estatic, and Princess is markably more excited about life.