Basic In-Home Program

A Solid Base of Training to Give your Skills for a Lifetime

About this Training Program
Is your dog still having accidents? How about jumping on your friends, family or even your furniture? If you answered yes to any of these problems then you should know that they are just NOT going to go away, right? Our Basic dog training package handles these problems and many more in a short 5 weeks time. Our training methods have been spoken about on the Miami Herald and we are the exclusive dog training company for the fastest growing pet nutrition company in the USA.
Program Features
  • 5 Weeks of Private, In-Home Training Classes. 1 Class Per Week, Flexible Scheduling.
  • We Teach All of the Basic Training Commands, including Housebreaking.
  • Address Small Problem Areas like Jumping, Barking, Leash Pulling and Bad Manners.
  • Great for Puppies & Dogs Alike! We Teach Skills that are Helpful to Dogs of Any Age!
Important, Please Read!
Many training companies use clickers, treats, cages and shock collars to "get the job done". None of these are necessary and some can even be dangerous to your pup. Imagine needing a treat or clicker when you want your dog to listen.  No good.

We train only using humane methods like tone inflections, positive reinforcement and repetition. These methods are the safe way to achieving lifelong dog training results.
  • We never use treats, clickers or shock collars to train.
  • We only use safe, proven and humane methods of training.
  • We train both sides of the leash. We coach you to success.
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Recent Program Graduates
These Pups have Recently Graduated this Course. Is Your Dog Next?
Jackson - Graduate
Jackson, Labrador Mix
This is a big dog. He is very gentle and sweet, but he pulls like crazy on walks and jumps (friendly) on his owners guests. After our 5 week program, Jackson is minding his manners much better.
Lilly - Graduate
Lilly, Cocker Spaniel
These dog owners wanted to give their puppy a big head start. Our training program taught the puppy name reconition, outdoor relief, basic commands plus extensive coaching from our trainers.
Abby - Graduate
Abby, Yorkie
Abby was a sweet puppy, but she would not stop barking. The owners were fed up and called us in. We evaluated her behavior and created a plan. Today, she is a lovely (quiet) dog who is very happy!
Sheeba - Graduate
Sheeba, Goldendoodle
This little puppy was a handful. Barking at everything, biting her owner and not listening to commands. At the end of our 10 week program, this puppy was well on her way to being an exceptional family dog!