Lifestyle Training Program

Intensive Training Program for Better Behavior At Home and In Public

About this Training Program
Our Lifestyle Program will help you get that dream dog who is well-behaved both at home and out in the world. Picture your dog listening to the commands you get to choose. Imagine enjoying stress-free activities and outings with your well-mannered dog right by your side. This program consists of 7 weekly lessons, with a mixture of in-home and in-the-field classes. Unlike big box stores, Smart Start Puppies offers a personalized training experience that fits seamlessly into your life, teaching your pup to be the perfect partner for all of your life's adventures.
Program Features
  • 7 In-Home / In-The-Field Classes.
  • We Teach All of the Basic Training Commands; PLUS...
  • Work With You and Your Dog In Public Spaces; PLUS...
  • Address Specific Behavioral Issues like Aggression, Jumping, Barking and Bad Manners.
  • Lifetime Training Guarantee. Need a Refresher Class? Not a Problem!
Important, Please Read!
Many training companies use clickers, treats, cages and shock collars to "get the job done". None of these are necessary and some can even be dangerous to your pup. Imagine needing a treat or clicker when you want your dog to listen.  No good.

We train only using humane methods like tone inflections, positive reinforcement and repetition. These methods are the safe way to achieving lifelong dog training results.
  • We never use treats, clickers or shock collars to train.
  • We only use safe, proven and humane methods of training.
  • We train both sides of the leash. We teach you tips for success.
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Recent Program Graduates
These Pups have Recently Graduated this Course. Is Your Dog Next?
Rancho - Graduate
Rancho, Rottweiler
Rancho was a pleasure to train. He was very excitable, and with his size, that created problems. We worked with him and his owners to help make him more manageable for everyone in the household.
Leia - Graduate
Leia, Goldendoodle
Leia was already 3 years old when we met her. She was a good dog, but had terrible manners (jumping, pulling, etc..). We worked with the dog and family and were able to bring Leia back in line with her humans expectations.
Dexter - Graduate
Dexter, Boxer Mix
Dexter is sweet beyond words, but he was a bit over protective of his humans and property. He was not well socialized. We worked on this in our training program and brought out the best in this pup!
Sadi - Graduate
Sadi, Dachshund
Sadi is a small dog with a big attitude. Her owners were at wits end with her barking and lunging at anything that moved. We worked with them over several weeks and saw a night and day improvement. Walks are now a pleasure!