Service Dog Training & Certification

A working dog that’s your pet as well

About this Training Program
Do you need to have your dog around you at all time? Does your dog provide support for you? If you answered yes to any of the questions, we can help! Our service dog training allows you to control you dog in any situations necessary. Whether you are traveling and passing through TSA, whether you riding a bus or weather you need help during any social situation, we can help! Dogs need to be qualified by our head dog trainers to enter our program. However, if you’ve just started looking for puppy, we can help in the selection process so that the correct dog is chosen.
Program Features
  • 12 Weeks of Private, In-Home Training Classes. 1 Class per Week, Flexible Scheduling.
  • We Teach All of the Basic Training Commands, Advanced Training Skills plus Service Dog Skills.
  • Lifetime Service Training Certificate for You and Your Dog.
  • Certification and Registration of Your Dog for Service Needs.
  • Jacket and Identification Badges for You and Your Dog.
  • Lifetime Training Guarantee. Need a Refresher Class? Not a Problem!
The Jacket & Certification Included with the Training...
Important, Please Read!
Let’s face it; we’d all love to have our dogs around us at all times, right? Well, if you have any disability and you need your dog to perform at his or her highest level of training then this is the program that you might be interested in. Disabilities that require your dog’s assistance whether it be retrieving objects or providing emotional companionship are just a few of the types of service training that we do. However, not all dogs are capable of providing specific needs. Some dogs are breed specifically for these "jobs", that’s why we say, not all dogs are capable of service oriented training. We can evaluate your needs with your dog’s potential within one visit.

We train only using humane methods like tone inflections, positive reinforcement and repetition. These methods are the safe way to achieving lifelong dog training results.
  • We never use treats, clickers or shock collars to train.
  • We only use safe, proven and humane methods of training.
  • Real life scenario based training and testing.
  • Many service related dog training commands available.
  • Service Jacket, ID Badges and Certificate of Registration included
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