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The average dog will cost it’s owner thousands in repairs over their lifetime. Add to that the frustration you experience as a dog owner, and you are left with quite a bill – both financially and mentally. Get your dog the right training now so you can both enjoy life a bit more!
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Like many, you probably love your dog, but despise their behavior. Puppies and grown dogs alike tend to make their own rules. This means jumping, pulling on the leash, biting and tearing up the house.

Puppies and grown dogs alike can do thousands of dollars in damage. You can stop this bad behavior and take control of your dog owning experience!

We help rewrite the rules you dog knows. We teach your dog to be responsive to commands, attentive to your directions and help them to manage their excitement to outside stimulus (cars, people, door bell). We can make you and your dogs lives much easier!

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  • Known as a Leader in Our Market
  • Over 10,000 Dogs Trained
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Testimonials by the Dozen
  • No Treats, Clickers or Shock Collars EVER
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Service Areas
We Proudly Service Miami-Dade, Broward and Hillsborough Counties!
From North Miami to South Beach, we have trainers ready to help meet your dog owner needs. We understand the unique needs of city living, and have dog training programs to fit your needs.
Covering Broward County and surrounding areas. We have been training dogs in Broward for years and have probably delivery results to someone you know!
Where is a better place to own a dog than Tampa? Rather you are at the dog park, talking a walk by the bay or at a sporting event... make sure your pup is at their best with quality puppy & dog training.
Services & Solutions
Check out the Training Services & Solutions we Offer to Puppy & Dog Owners
A 5 week program (1 class per week) which takes place in your home. We address the basics (sit, stay, heel, come) as well as trouble areas you may experience. This program is ideal for all puppies and also for adult dogs with slightly bad manners.
  • In-Home Training Program
  • 5 Classes, 1 Per Week for 5 Weeks
  • Learn: Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, Off and More!
  • Address other Small Behavioral Issues
A 2 week board & train program designed to give your puppy the absolute best training possible for their life ahead. Program includes 2 weeks of boarding & training at our facility, plus 5 classes at your home afterwards. This is a great investment for you and your puppies new relationship.
  • Designed for Puppies That Want An Early Start
  • Board and Train Program.
  • 2 Weeks of Daily Professional Boarding & Training
  • 5 Weeks of In-Home Training After the Boarding
  • We Teach the Puppy Everything they Need for a Happy Life
Our Service Dog Training is designed to help with any special need that one might require. We specialize in training our dogs with no treats and no clickers. Our program goes through all basic commands and advanced commands along with the identification of objects and the assisting of grabbing along with the ability to open doors, etc. Program gets follow up classes.
  • Designed for dogs that can handle jobs, duties and daily tasks
  • 10 Weeks of Professional Service Dog Training
  • Classes In-Home or In-Public (Airport, Malls, Stores, Resturants, Etc..)
  • Registration On The National Registry For Service Dogs
  • Service Jacket And Service ID Badge
  • Everything the Dog Needs for a Happy Life of Helping You
Our Lifestyle Program is perfect for those desiring a well-behaved dog both at home and out in the world. This 7-week course includes personalized in-home and in-the-field lessons that promotes good behavior in many different settings. This program is great for anyone who wants to take their dog in public with them.
  • In-Home & In-Public Training Program
  • 7 Classes, 1 Class Per Week
  • The Basics, plus Advanced commands
  • Public Training at Job, Airport, Mall, Resturant, Etc.
  • Address Troublesome Behavioral Issues
  • Lifetime Guarantee
A 2 weeks board & train program designed for adult dogs who are either looking for a quality training program to correct persistent issues. Program includes 2 weeks of boarding & training at our facility, plus 5 classes at your home afterwards. Great program to get your dog to respect you and listen to your commands.
  • Board and Train Program.
  • 2 Weeks of Daily Professional Boarding & Training
  • 5 Weeks of In-Home Training After the Boarding
  • The Basics, plus Advanced commands
  • Address Troublesome Behavioral Issues
  • Lifetime Obedience
Our Clients Love Us!
When you train this many dogs, people will talk
Kate & Vinny from Fort Lauderdale say...
"I recommend it to anyone. If you're a first time dog owner, or if you've owned many before, if you want your dog trained the right way, Smart Start is the way to go!"
John W. from South Florida says...
"Thank you guys, you did a great job with the dog. He's so much better than when I got him. I really appreciate your help, and hopefully we get to work together again."
Amy & Vanessa from Miami say...
"We have been with Smart Start Puppies for 3 weeks now, and have seen a great improvement. I highly recommend them!"